Turnkey Operation


Fit your Schedule

The kitchen is ready exclusively for your use during the weekly time slot you reserve. Additional hours are available providing they do not overlap with other tenant bookings.

You can schedule use of our consultation space as part of your rental agreement.

We make it easy to run your business as efficiently as possible, really all you need is to bring all your ingredients or any special equipment you use. Everything else we provide!

Use of the facility Includes:

- Blodgett Electric Convection oven for baking, 

- Large Microwave Oven, 

- 20 Qt Globe Food Mixer, 

- 6Qt Hamilton Beach Professional Mixer, 

We use a Eurodib Induction Cook Top to heat water and sauces, however there is no stove or gas burner in the facility, so you cannot fry products on the premises.

Refrigerator may be used during time of rental for hourly tenants. However we do not permit tenants to leave products in the refrigerators or freezers from week to week.

- Hand and Prep Sinks

- Sheet Pan Rack

- Two large stainless steel prep tables, (11'6"x3' and 8'x2'5") 

- Large Butcher Block table (5'4"x4'6")

- other tools such as knives, stainless steel mixing bowls and cutting boards that are shared. 

The following basic kitchen supplies will be provided as part of the daily or hourly rate: 

Paper towels, Toilet Paper, Bleach/Sanitizer, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Baking Pans and Trays, Scrub Sponges, Mop, Mop Bucket, Broom, Dust Pan, and Ice Melt (when applicable).

No Overheads

The following utilities are included in the daily or hourly rate: 

Electricity, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer, and Trash Removal Service.

Cleaning up – that’s the one task we ask each tenant to take care of, so that others can get straight to work when their time slot starts.

On-Site Parking

No need to worry about street parking, we have room for you to unload your supplies and get straight to work.