ServSafe and Food Safety

Operating a Food Service Business

Tenants are responsible for maintaining their License to Operate a Retail Food Establishment (ServSafe*), ensuring any employees are certified Food Handlers, and any other licenses applicable to his/her business. 

NJ State law requires that tenants understand components of equipment safety, sanitation, and food safety.  In order to operate your business in Red Barn Kitchen Incubator, we must ensure that tenants utilizing the facility are competent in these basic areas. Every tenant must have at least one person ServSafe Owner/Manager certified, whenever using the premises.

For some of you this may be nothing more than a review, you simply have to present us with a copy of your up-to-date ServSafe certificate.   

What do I need to Know?

Food Safety Training:  Food safety training is required for all producers and employees.  Food storage, cross contamination issues, and safe food handling techniques are to be included.

Sanitation Orientation:  Sanitation procedures are required for all producers and their employees.  Training will include sanitation objectives and demonstrations of procedures required at the facility.

Equipment Safety Orientation:  Training on equipment at the facility is required of producers and their employees. Training will include equipment function, operation, and safety standards.

How do I get ServSafe Trained?

If you need help to obtain your ServSafe Owner/Manager certification, we can assist you with training and completing the test.

Food handler certification classes are organized on a regular basis at the Long Valley First Aid Squad building, 70 E. Mill Rd. To inquire about dates for employees who are in need of re-certification or initial certification, and to ask for a registration form, call 908-876-3650 to reserve your spot.  Payment can be made at the class or mailed in to the Health Department at 43 Schooley's Mountain Rd., Long Valley, NJ 07853

*For further information on ServSafe visit